TontineTrust is developing a mainstream highly regulated financial product in co-operation with 2 development banks as described here

This will be a consumer facing mobile first savings product, invested in a global portfolio of ETF assets which are transparently secured on the blockchain and managed by a patent pending robo-actuary which has been designed to run on machine learning principles.

A related but distinct project involves the https://TON.Money application & the TON digital currency which is industry facing rather than consumer facing. In essence TON.Money is simply a wallet/mini-exchange with certain additional features that allows us to manage and reward distributors of the consumer facing product.

Brokerage Fees & commissions are paid out using the TON Card system & ongoing Asset Management Fees from the Tontines are automatically collected by the platform and paid back to the system in TON$ thereby creating a sustainable model where incentives are paid out in TON$ and recouped several times over in TON$.