You are not automatically enrolled in the underlying product (tontine retirement funds), but as the TON$ will be the settlement currency, you will automatically benefit from the development of the platform and product.

The mechanism will work as follows: An investor in the underlying tontine will receive his returns in TON$ as the settlement currency.

To do that platform would need to repurchase TON$ from the open market causing the price of the TON$ to go up (fewer TON$ on the market).

The more AUM platform has over time the more TON$ it has to payout every month and the more TON$ have to be repurchased from the market.

Also, pensioners will be incentivized not to convert paid out TON$ immediately to USD, to but keep it as TON$ on their wallet and the conversation would be automatic only when they want to pay for something or withdraw USD from the ATM.

The less TON$ there is on the open market, the more valuable TON$ become.