There will only be 1BN TON$ in issue after we pass $1 Trillion in Assets Under Management at which point there will be $30BN to $50 BN PER DAY in platform driven volume alone and around $20BN to $50BN will have been bought out of circulation almost permanently.

1/3rd for sale participants including bonuses.

1/3rd for team incentives dependent on patents and growth in asset volume to in excess of $1,000,000,000,000

1/3rd reserved to incentivize financial advisors & any other distributor to help bring assets to the platform.

This latter reserve will be valued at $333m at launch = $6.6BN of assets but if and when the price is appreciating then this reserve will be able to bring $50bn or $100bn and any excess TON$ earned from fee collection from the tontines or from merchants accepting payments from TONCards will be added back to this reserve thereby replenishing the commission reserve.

This is not your average Token Sale.