Indeed the question is not in the knowledge base simply because nobody has asked it before, not even from either of the largest re-insurance companies in the world that have held board level discussions about co-operating with us as a hedge against their existing clients current declining businesses.

The first patent has been filed so far relates to the platform design and in the past 48 hours alone I have fielded early stage enquiries as to whether we would be open to the platform supporting;

i) A multinational employee pension scheme with over 10,000 employees,

ii) Other financial institutions in Asia which might want to launch their own tontine pension products,

iii) A representative of a Finance Ministry of an African state.

My answer is always "yes, as long as the absolute security of member assets is maintained", we see a platform strategy as a way to gain critical mass more quickly and as insurance against a direct to consumer model not succeeding whether for regulatory or other reasons.

In respect of regulation, in the past week I have been in discussions with high ranking envoys of two highly credible jurisdictions that could compete to become the home of the new social security system for the world and which have attractive tax treaty networks that could benefit members so I have little doubt that licences will be forthcoming.

That said, we are a very early stage company and as yet do not have the resources to immediately implement all of the regulatory infrastructure to launch highly regulated products on several continents in a short space of time.

For this reason, we have already commenced discussions with multiple international partners each with licences on multiple continents for distributing trusts & pension products.

Utilising their regulatory infrastructure would accelerate our rollout and no doubt provide peace of mind to consumers and financial authorities.

So what I am saying is that we are open to multiple models that develop the ecosystem around our platform and we should never allow ourselves to focus on a single plan which could subsequently jeopardize the whole project.

All that being said, I have no doubt that should an unforeseen event prevent Tontine Trust from being successful on EVERY single one of the above paths, I have no doubt that the board would feel compelled to find a way to deliver maximum alternative benefit to the TON Token Holders whether financial or otherwise which could include, for example, tendering to repurchase the TONs.

Nevertheless, I must point out that the TON Token Sale will be subject to the Terms & Conditions of Sale as published in the coming weeks which terms & conditions alone will be legally binding on the company.