Tontine Trust will  be structured under a not-for-profit foundation where 100% of the economics of the platform will be derived through the TONs. This is the only way to properly align the incentives of all of the community which includes the founders, staff and future distribution partners for our "groundbreaking products" as they were described to me yesterday by the editor of a major industry publication.

So there are no shares etc receiving passive income or dividends for anyone.

The TON$ Reserve is used to incentivise Financial Advisors & other TON Holders to refer Assets to the Platform with the Total ever maximum supply reaching 1 BN TON$ once the Tontine Trust Platform administers $1 Trillion in Assets under Management ("AuMs").

As the volume of AuMs rises, trading in the TON$ increases & an increasing amount of TON$ fall out of circulation.

For example, if & when we reach $1 Trillion in AuM in 5, 10 or 20 years, the daily traded volume of TON$ should be in excess of $30-50BN and approximately  $10BN-$20BN as a minimum will be effectively out of circulation as they will be held by the Tontines & TonCards and a further $5bn PER YEAR will be getting retained by the platform and added back to the Reserve.