Our project is all about creating a new type of trust in retirement savings in a world where trust in governments & traditional financial institutions has been lost.

This loss of trust in such orhanisations has led to a decline in the savings rates in many societies throughout the world.

The concept of distributed ledger technolgies or simply "A Blockchain" was designed to replace the need accept the statements of a centralised authorities on trust. 

Instead, Blockchains created an unbreakable mathematical based system  the accuracy of which is constantly verified by anyone & everyone, in which case, there was no longer a need to take the word of a third party on trust and as such the system was now trustless

In a blockchain based system, everyone has, or can see, a copy of the ledgers, and you can see that the system transparently designed to follow the rules. This means that the system is  trustless in that there is no need to blindly take the word of a King, a government or a financial institution on trust and hope that they keep the ledgers honest or that they play fair with your money.

Our Tontine platform is being designed to be a trustless system in that we will pseudonymously publish all transactions such as investments, fees, payouts etc. in such a manner that anyone and everyone can scrutinise the records to confirm the absolute integrity of the system.

This level of absolute transparency is unparralleled in the world of financial insutitions and governments and it is only be introducing such high levels of disclosure that we may restore people's trust in a system, trust in tontines and trust in their financial futures.